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Leadership Development

Are you a leader in ministry? Or maybe you have a desire to lead people to Christ. Perhaps, you operate an organization or maybe you run a business, as a leader there are critical components that must be learned to lead others effectively. Join one of our courses where you will learn the best methods and techniques to properly lead others. All of our courses have been made affordable and payment plans are available. Financial Assistance available for those who qualify.

Interested? Submit your message requesting information to:

[email protected] 

Servant Leadership

Too often, we have defined leadership through the lens of a worldview perspective. We invite you to learn how Christ led his disciples and learn the methods and ways of leadership through a Biblical perspective. To sign up for this class please send an email request to

[email protected]

Leadership & Boundaries

Everything rises and falls with leadership, the very reason why we must obtain the tools we need to become effective leaders. Join this class if you would like to make an impact in the people you are leading. 

Strategic Leadership Class $400/8-weeks

So many leaders and Pastors are burnt out, at the brink of giving up, ready to throw in the towel. In this class you will regain yourself back, you will learn the keys to become effective in leadership while still maintaining your mental health. So easily, leaders give, give and give, and sometimes, leaders forget to place themselves first, in this class you will learn how to fulfill your calling and understand the strategies involved to become effective without wasting yourself.